A story inspired by real life incidents and fascinating people is quite a read, and when written by an ace writer, who knows the art of weaving words, it makes for a great book.

Geraldine Birch is a writer who, with her many years of experience, has written beautiful and raw stories about hidden events that will make you keep turning the pages.

Her books have garnered much success. The Swastika Tattoo is a historical fiction about a German POW camp near Phoenix during WWII; Vision of a Happy Life: A Memoir is set during the Reagan years when fluffy hair and puffy sleeves were the fashion and Americans lived vicariously through the trials and tribulations of Dallas. Birch’s most recent book is Sedona: City of Refugees, a novel set in the tourist city where political and religious philosophies collide.

Geraldine Birch

Vision of a Happy Life - A Memoir

We stood on the edge of the Pacific Ocean as the setting sun filtered through a bank of clouds, the glow hanging over us like a hallucinatory dream. At our side, two beach bums gave witness, people whom neither John nor I knew but who endorsed our marriage as we stood on the shifting sand without our families or friends to support us.

Geraldine Birch

The Swastika Tattoo

The question exploded upon Rudolf Meier like a torpedo hitting the hull of a German U-boat.His head jerked violently to see who could possibly have voiced such an outrage and then Rudolf’s gaze landed on the son of the farmer who owned the fields where he and other Nazi prisoners of war labored.

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Sedona: City of Refugees

Kathleen Sullivan Buckley set her jaw and her hat against a cold north wind as she walked toward her husband’s funeral.

God forgive me, she thought. Even hell is too good for the bastard.

Suddenly feeling naked against the gale and her own raw feelings, she stopped for a moment to gather herself together, took a deep breath, and felt the sting of unrepentant hatred flood her soul.